12 Minutes to Market-Ready

Learn how to mentally prepare like a professional athlete to achieve elite-level discipline and consistency in your trading. This course leverages mental training techniques from sport psychology to help you create your own personalized 12-minute routine to optimize your mental, emotional and physical state before you enter the market. 
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Créde Sheehy-Kelly

BA, MSc, C.Psychol. PsSI
Créde Sheehy-Kelly, BA, MSc, C.Psychol. PsSI, is an internationally renowned High-Performance and Trading Psychology Coach. She helps traders across the globe to maximise profit, by showing them how to take control of their psychological capital and master the mental and emotional aspects of trading. Originally qualifying as a Sport Psychologist, Créde has over 15 years experience coaching world leaders in professional sport, business, finance and trading. She is an in-house trading psychology coach for Bear Bull Traders and has collaborated with leading financial education and media platforms such as OptionsBrew TV, TheMoneyShow, Trader TV Live, Real Life Trading and Peak Capital Trading, among others. Visit Créde’s website for additional information.

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Level: Beginner
Duration:  1hrs 10 min
Videos:  6
Access: 1 year
Access from any computer, tablet or mobile

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