Bear Bull Trader's Trading Collection

In this course, you will learn how to implement a specific trading strategy. The course will cover all aspects of this strategy from stock selection to entry and trade management. You will also learn how to manage your own emotions and the technology at hand to enable better trading. The goal is to make you a confident, disciplined, and profitable day trade.
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Level: Beginner
Duration:  63hrs 9min
Videos:  66
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Khaled, H.
"The Bear Bull Traders Trading Collection is like a treasure chest of trading wisdom. It teaches you a specific strategy, from picking stocks to managing your emotions. I'm now a more confident and profitable day trader, thanks to this collection!"
Hana m.
"I was lost in the world of trading until I found the Bear Bull Traders Trading Collection. It's like a friendly guide that walks you through everything, from stock selection to controlling your emotions. Now, I trade with more confidence and discipline."
Derik V.
"The Bear Bull Traders Trading Collection simplifies trading and makes it easy to understand. It's like having a mentor who shares their secrets with you. Thanks to this collection, I'm now a more profitable day trader."