Blueprint to Extreme Reversals

In this course, you will learn how to trade Top and Bottom Reversals based on overbought and oversold conditions. The significance of Top and Bottom Reversals is being able to catch the exact peaks and dips in the price. What differentiates this strategy from many others is the fact that your stop losses are really tight, which permits you to get in heavier, thus allowing you to have a huge potential reward in comparison to the small risk put into the trade.
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Aiman Almansoori
Reversals Expert
Dr. Aiman Al-mansoori is a senior trader at the proprietary trading firm Peak Capital Trading. Aiman began his trading career in 2017 and joined Peak Capital Trading in 2021. Aiman has helped mentor over 100 active traders, with many of them becoming consistently profitable in their trading endeavors. Aiman now trades full time at the prop firm and works closely with Peak Capital Trading candidates to assist them in defining their edge and trading style. In his courses at the Trading Terminal Academy, he shares the proprietary trading strategies he has developed, which previously were only available to select Peak Capital Trading traders and a handful of his mentees.

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Level: Beginner
Duration:  2hrs 53min
Videos:  12
Access: 1 year
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David L.
"I've been trading for years, and Aiman's 'Blueprint to Extreme Reversals' course was a game-changer. The Top and Bottom Reversals strategy, based on overbought and oversold conditions, is simply brilliant. The tight stop losses allow for more significant positions with limited risk. I've already seen substantial profits, and I highly recommend this course to traders looking to elevate their game."
Liam C.
"I'm relatively new to trading, and Aiman's 'Blueprint to Extreme Reversals' course has been a revelation. Understanding Top and Bottom Reversals with tight stop losses has made trading less intimidating and more profitable. Aiman's teaching style is accessible, and this course is a must-try for traders like me who are looking for a strategy that works."
Carlos R.
"I was skeptical about trading before I stumbled upon Aiman's 'Blueprint to Extreme Reversals' course. Learning to trade Top and Bottom Reversals with tight stop losses has given me the confidence to dive into the markets. This strategy's potential for substantial rewards with limited risk is impressive. Aiman's course is a game-changer for anyone interested in trading."