The Complete Guide to Multiple Time Frame Analysis & Reading Price Action

This course includes everything one needs to know about reading price action using multiple time frames going from the bigger time frames, for example the weekly chart, all the way down to the 1 minute chart. Reading the price action and analyzing multiple time frames is a skill any day trader is required to have no matter what strategy or indicators they are using. Understanding where the market is headed, and key levels for entries is something one can do by thoroughly analyzing multiple charts and it's a skill that is usually built through thousands of hours of screen time and practice; However, this course contains everything you might need to decrease the learning curve and get your chart reading skills to the next level.
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Aiman Almansoori
Reversals Expert
Dr. Aiman Al-mansoori is a senior trader at the proprietary trading firm Peak Capital Trading. Aiman began his trading career in 2017 and joined Peak Capital Trading in 2021. Aiman has helped mentor over 100 active traders, with many of them becoming consistently profitable in their trading endeavors. Aiman now trades full time at the prop firm and works closely with Peak Capital Trading candidates to assist them in defining their edge and trading style. In his courses at the Trading Terminal Academy, he shares the proprietary trading strategies he has developed, which previously were only available to select Peak Capital Trading traders and a handful of his mentees.

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Level: Advanced
Duration:  7hrs 31min
Videos:  32
Access: 1 year
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Sarah W.
" 'The Complete Guide to Multiple Time Frame Analysis and Reading Price Action' opened my eyes to a whole new level of understanding. Aiman's course covers everything from weekly charts to 1-minute charts, making it a must for all traders. It not only saved me time but also supercharged my chart reading skills."
Ahmed K.
"I was struggling with price action and multiple time frames as a newbie day trader. Aiman's course was a game-changer. It accelerated my learning, and I now feel more confident in reading charts and making better trades. Aiman's teaching style is clear, and this course is a must for anyone serious about trading."
Lisa J.
"I needed a way to analyze price action efficiently with limited screen time. 'The Complete Guide to Multiple Time Frame Analysis and Reading Price Action' did the trick. Aiman breaks down complex concepts into simple lessons. I now read charts confidently, and my trading has improved significantly. This course is a gem for traders, and I highly recommend it."