How to win trading the Opening Range Break (ORB) strategy

In this course you will learn how to win trading the Opening Range Break (ORB) strategy. You will get skilled in trading the 1min, 2min, 5min and 15min Opening Range Breakouts (ORB). Learn how to identify stocks in play, determining a directional bias and recognise the intraday confirmation for the entry. This course teaches you how to use different time frames, volume analysis and trading with and against the gap.

The course comes with access to a premium group chat room with Lenny himself to facilitate the learning process.
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Lenny Winnemuller 
Lenny is a seasoned trader with years of experience trading the US stock market. He has extensive trading experience working for an Amsterdam based proprietary trading firm, as well as trading independently for various years. During the early days of Peak Capital Trading, Lenny finished the bootcamp multiple times successfully ending with significant profit, resulting in a seat offered in the firm by Andrew Aziz.
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Level: Advanced
Duration:  9hrs 25min
Videos:  25
Access: 1 year
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David L.
"I've been trading for years, and Aiman's 'Blueprint to Extreme Reversals' course was a game-changer. The Top and Bottom Reversals strategy, based on overbought and oversold conditions, is simply brilliant. The tight stop losses allow for more significant positions with limited risk. I've already seen substantial profits, and I highly recommend this course to traders looking to elevate their game."
Liam C.
"I'm relatively new to trading, and Aiman's 'Blueprint to Extreme Reversals' course has been a revelation. Understanding Top and Bottom Reversals with tight stop losses has made trading less intimidating and more profitable. Aiman's teaching style is accessible, and this course is a must-try for traders like me who are looking for a strategy that works."
Carlos R.
"I was skeptical about trading before I stumbled upon Aiman's 'Blueprint to Extreme Reversals' course. Learning to trade Top and Bottom Reversals with tight stop losses has given me the confidence to dive into the markets. This strategy's potential for substantial rewards with limited risk is impressive. Aiman's course is a game-changer for anyone interested in trading."