Reading the Tape - A Game Changing Edge in Trading

Reading the Tape is a full-fledged training program for all traders - new, developing, and experienced - who want to develop a skillset used by elite active traders to understand supply and demand imbalances in real time and to trade profitably. This program opens up the Pandora box of concepts related to Order Flow (Bids, Offers, and Prints) and Level 2 (Box) which help traders determine the next immediate move on a stock with certainty. This course includes dozens of real time examples with tick-by-tick explanations of the tape and how to apply them in trading different strategies.

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What Will I Learn?

  • The most important skillset used by elite active traders
  • Trading different strategies using the tape
  • Identify trades on the Tape not visible on the chart
  • Increase Consistency in your trading
  • Detailed Concept explanation with real time examples on Order flow and Level 2
  • Increase Risk/Reward by pin pointing better entries

Paras Jandwani

Momentum Price Action Tape Expert
Paras is a moderator and a working partner with Originally from India and currently settled in the USA, Paras started showing interest in the financial market at a very young age. Though he studied engineering, he transformed his interest into a reality by becoming level 3 certified in the National Stock Exchange. Paras stepped into the world of active intraday trading in 2015 and has been consistently profitable as a Momentum Price Action Tape Trader. The driving factor for Paras is to help aspiring traders by sharing concepts and techniques, not easily accessible to average retail traders, that he has learnt over the years of experience and being exposed to professional trading environment. With his course on Reading the Tape, Paras continues to create educational material for all those who aspire to learn.

Course Lessons

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Everyone else, prepare your visine, but the course is well worth it


Part way through your course @paras and it's brilliant! Thanks so much for the effort that went into it.


I'm new to trading (still in the sim), and Paras' has literally
been a game-changer for me. My understanding of the T&S
and Level 2 has increased exponentially.


You did a great job, Paras! The tape is getting to make sense to me now.


@Paras I follow you too on Twitter, and great course by the way. I always struggle with
entries and stoploss, finally your course is giving me a clear idea!!!


@Paras and to all on fence: course is worth the money, sincerely, its just super validating which has so much value for conviction in trades (which is ultimately priceless).


@Paras your course answered all the unanswered questions I had.


@Paras very insightful and informative..! thank you for your time.