The Art of Printing Money using the 80/20 principle

Discover the Pareto Principle (AKA the 80/20 principle) and how you can apply it to Day Trading. This course digs into those few truly powerful things that you need to get right in order to literally Print Money at will. You will be challenged to dig deep and introspect while benig provided with multiple simple trading strategies loaded with asymmetric Risk vs Reward that a 10 year old can execute.

Purchase of this course also gives you lifetime access to Avi’s Private Day Trading Mentorship Community as well as hundreds of hours of recorded 1 on 1 mentorship session videos. Not to mention you get lifetime direct access to Avi as well...his lifetime… as in…as long as he is alive!

This package is a truly Power Packed Arsenal from this beast of a trader!

Note: this is not for the faint of heart
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Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Dubai and ‘Grew Up’ in the United States, Avi is a full time Day Trader, Day Trading Mentor and Contrarian Investor based in Dubai.
Avi was a full time Flight Instructor after graduating from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He retired from the cockpit at the age of 25 because the rigid world of professional aviation was detaching him from his romance for flying.
In 2017 he discovered the mind-bending world of contrarian investing and has since been deeply immersed in it. Avi became hooked to the business of Day Trading in September 2019 when he read Andrew’s iconic first book. He has since dedicated himself to being a trader as opposed to making a living out of day trading. His 80/20 approach to the process has enabled him to achieve the lifestyle and freedoms that day trading offers. The day trading mentorship role came naturally to Avi from his Flight Instructing days and is something he does wholeheartedly.
When not planning investments, day trading or mentoring, Avi spends his time in recreational flying, surfing and various watersports, off-roading, riding motorcycles, cricket, playing guitar, snowboarding, learning golf, weight lifting and being the best dad he can possibly be to his 2 kids.
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Level: Advanced
Duration:  4hrs 6min
Videos:  6
Access: 1 year
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