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Learn at your own pace with over 100 hours
(and growing) of recorded material from
market professionals.
Interactive Curriculum
Our courses have been structured to increase your retention through the use of quizzes, case studies and real world examples after each video.
Certifications that Get You Noticed
Earn industry-recognized certifications that will move you forward in your trading career.

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Comprehensive courses on these topics and more


Day Trading

Swing Trading

Personal Finance

Trading Psychology

Camarilla Pivots


Stock Anyalysis

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and Seasoned Trader

Our courses are designed equip you to tackle the market head-on. We cover everything, from the simplest concepts in trading and investing to the most complex strategies used by hedge funds and institutions around the world.

Courses for Everyone

Whether you are just starting out in the market or are an experienced trader looking to add new strategies to your TradeBook, our comprehensive library of resources has something to offer everyone. Work at your own pace through the courses that interest you the most.

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Practical Courses

From options to day trading to the psychology of trading, our courses have been developed to take you from being a novice trader to an expert in your chosen field. 

Learn From Real Experts

We are honored that more than 10 instructors with a combined 50+ years of trading experience have agreed to join our founding faculty. You will learn practical and relevant skills as you journey alongside these successful traders.

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The skill you need to become a professional day trader.
Excellent courses and amazing instructors gave me the skills and know-how to starting trading with confidence.
Amazing course for anyone wanting to learn to trade for a living.
This course walked me through everything I needed to start my trading career. A total game changer taught by professionals!
Truly has been one of the greatest experiences, thank you!
I now have an exit plan to retire early and trade. Something I love, that allows me the freedom to work for myself and provide for my family.
Highly recommend!
I definitely recommend this course to all the beginners and existing traders who are looking to trade for a living.
A stand-out product.
I really can't say enough about this course. I simply would not have been able to become a trader without the support and resources they offer.

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