Bookmap for Traders: Concepts, Technicals, and Live Market Analysis

Unlock the full potential of Bookmap with our comprehensive course designed for traders at all levels. Begin by mastering foundational concepts that integrate seamlessly into using Bookmap for market analysis. Dive deep into the technical features of Bookmap, learning how to leverage its tools for enhanced trading precision. Supplement your learning with live videos and detailed slides showcasing stock price volume action, integrating Bookmap with Time and Sales and Level 2 data. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to utilize Bookmap effectively for real-time trading insights and informed decision-making.
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Roko Rasin
Dr. Roko Rasin, an accomplished educator and neuroscientist, holds tenured professorship at a leading US university, boasting both MD and PhD degrees. His keen interest lies in unraveling the complexities of human brain limitations in trading psychology, crucial in navigating the uncertainties of market environments. This passion drives him to develop and test innovative hypotheses in day trading strategies.
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Level: Biginner
Duration:  5hrs 42min
Videos:  24
Access: 1 year
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