Introduction to Trading Psychology

This course will put you in the front row of learning about how your mind deals with uncertainty, the focus needed for trading, and the reality of how you should be thinking as a trader.
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Mike Baehr
Trading Psychology Expert
Mike is the Chief Learning Officer at Peak Capital Trading, and a moderator at Bear Bull Traders. A retired Sergeant Major in the United States Marine Corps, Mike initially started trading equities in 2008. In 2018, he joined the Bear Bull Traders community and became a moderator in 2020. While working at Bear Bull Traders, Mike designed the Bear Bull Traders education program and, within a year, his program was awarded the best overall day trading course by Investopedia for 2021, and then again in 2022 and 2023. Business Insider also awarded his program the best overall day trading course on the market for 2022 and 2023. Mike became the Chief Learning Officer at Peak Capital Trading in 2020. While at Peak Capital Trading, Mike has been instrumental in building an education division, and he has subsequently developed a 13-week trader course designed to help traders develop their own personal trading strategy.
Level: Beginner
Duration:  1hr
Videos:  7
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Mateo W.
"Mike Baehr's course on trading psychology is a mind-opener. It's like he's peeling back the layers of your brain and showing you how to think like a trader. After taking this course, I feel more in control of my emotions and decisions while trading. Mike's insights are like gold."
Alex M.
"I never realized how much psychology impacted my trading until I found Mike's course. It's like getting a crash course in trading from inside your own head! Mike's friendly approach makes it easy to grasp. Now, I feel more focused and confident in my trades. This course is a game-changer."
Mia J.
"Mike's course on trading psychology is like having a chat with a trading buddy who really gets what you're going through. This course has equipped me with the mental tools I needed to trade smarter. If you're serious about trading, don't miss this course."