Day Trading Mastery: Trade Management Essentials

In Aiman's Day Trading Trade Management course, aspiring traders will embark on a transformative journey into the heart of successful day trading. Designed for both beginners and experienced traders, this comprehensive program delves deep into the art of managing trades in the fast-paced world of day trading. Students will learn how to identify high-probability trade setups, set precise entry and exit points, employ risk management strategies to protect capital, and develop the discipline required to consistently profit from intraday market movements. Six Bullet points • High-probability trade setup identification and analysis. • Precise entry and exit point strategies. • Effective risk management techniques for capital protection. • Real-world simulations for practical trading experience. • Discipline and psychology for consistent profitability. • Mastering day trading in volatile markets.
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Aiman Almansoori
Reversals Expert
Dr. Aiman Al-mansoori is a senior trader at the proprietary trading firm Peak Capital Trading. Aiman began his trading career in 2017 and joined Peak Capital Trading in 2021. Aiman has helped mentor over 100 active traders, with many of them becoming consistently profitable in their trading endeavors. Aiman now trades full time at the prop firm and works closely with Peak Capital Trading candidates to assist them in defining their edge and trading style. In his courses at the Trading Terminal Academy, he shares the proprietary trading strategies he has developed, which previously were only available to select Peak Capital Trading traders and a handful of his mentees.

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Level: Beginner
Duration:  6hrs 35 min
Videos:  3
Access: 1 year
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Amir A.
“Aiman's Day Trading Trade Management course is amazing. It covers high-probability trade setups, precise entry and exit points, and essential risk management, making it a must for traders.”
Jackson M.
“Aiman's course strikes the perfect balance for traders. It simplifies complex concepts, focusing on risk management, and offers real-world simulations for hands-on experience.”
Chloe H.
“Aiman's course is a must-try for traders. It breaks down day trading essentials, including high-probability setups and risk management, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.”